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Advanced wound care for complicated wounds


  1. Debride the wound as much as possible.
  2. Wash the wound thoroughly with water and dab it dry.
  3. Sprinkle a 1-3 mm layer of SertaSil on to the entire wound surface including edges.
  4. Cover with a very light, fully permeable secondary dressing.
    a. In difficult to dress areas the secondary dressing can be omitted but this may require a few extra applications, as SertaSil it will be at risk of being worn off.


Repeat this procedure daily until the wound shows no signs of infection or necrosis.
       In non-chronic wounds this will on average will be 3 days.


Examples of the surface of a wound on which the use of SertaSil can be ceased:
Dressed wound: moist clean surface:
Wound on which secondary dressing was omitted: dry flexible (scab free) clean surface: (or as a dressed wound)


After SertaSil

After ceasing the use of SertaSil the wound should be dressed as above and left completely undisturbed to heal.

The dressing can be changed weekly or biweekly – unless the wound gets wet as that would prompt a wash and dressing change.

Instruction for Use

Please download full Instructions for Use here.