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Advanced wound care for complicated wounds


(VAT not included)

(VAT not included)
2 grams bottle
10 grams bottle
Wash bottle (250ml) for rinsing the wound

20% VAT will be added to the final invoice.

Packaging and delivery are not included. Due to the temperature sensitivity of SertaSil, these costs will depend upon destination and time of year. They will be charged at costs.

Payment is via bank transfer prior to delivery. Payment by credit card will be implemented in the near future.

Veterinary clinics and hospitals as well as pet and equine professionals, e.g. riding schools and studs, should contact Willingsford to set-up an account.

To purchase, please send an e-mail with your requirements as well as invoicing and delivery address to contact@willingsford.com.


Should I consult a vet before using SertaSil?
If in doubt, you should consult a vet in order to rule out the risk of any complications arising out of secondary problems as for example a fracture, tendon damage or the presence of a foreign body. Your vet will also be able to advice on a very deep or irregular wound and whether the wound is close to large blood vessels or nerves. Failure to detect complicating factors in time, can lead to serious complications later on. Your vet will also be able to use SertaSil in the treatment of the wound.

How much SertaSil should I buy?
1 gram of SertaSil is normally sufficient for 20 square cm of wound surface. You should generally expect that the wound would require daily application for 3-5 days until it is clean and granulating. Application until the wound is fully closed is very rarely needed.

SertaSil has a shelf-life of 4 months when stored between 2 and 10 degrees Celcius and not having been exposed to higher temperatures for longer periods of time. It should not be exposed to temperatures above 25 degrees Celcius.


What else do I need?
For the rinsing of the wound with water, we recommend a wash-bottle to allow the use of water pressure to clean the wound, but a large syringe will also work.
SertaSil can be used without a secondary dressing, but we recommend to cover it with a non-adherent contact layer, e.g. NA Ultra, followed by a layer of 2-ply gauze. To keep the dressing in place, we recommend Leukosilk or Urgofix which usually stick well to fur and also allow painless removal.


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