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Advanced wound care for complicated wounds

4 Processes

SertaSil supports 4 processes necessary for wound healing at the same time:

֍ Autolytic debridement.

֍ Infection removal - without the use of antibiotics and antiseptics.

֍ Clearing of the entire wound region.

֍ Granulation and epithelialisation.


Passive immunotherapy for wound infection and healing

  • No clinical studies have shown strong wound healing effects of antibiotics and antiseptics
  • No studies have shown that reduction of bacterial load favours wound healing.
  • The body uses a population of bacteria and fungi in its fight against infections in wounds.
  • Only the immune system can select the right population for each individual.
  • SertaSil supports the immune system in doing just that.

Result: 60% quicker clinical effect than antibiotics and antiseptics


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Use Preventively

SertaSil is not only for highly complicated wounds. It can also be applied to wounds caused by insect bites, scratches etc. to reduce the risk that they develop into something more complicated.

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"I really like SertaSil. It vascularises the wound, it keeps the wound clean and we have not seen any signs of hypergranulation."

Simon Knapp, vet & clinical director

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SertaSil and Acapsil

SertaSil for veterinary and Acapsil for human wound care are both based on the micropore particle technology. They are approved in the EU. Both products have consistently been shown to support the healing of wounds, ulcers and burns, including very complicated wounds as well as old chronic wounds.

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Allows free movement

Unlike most other wound care products, SertaSil does not require a huge secondary dressing and will therefore only minimally interfer with freedom of movement. If needed, SertaSil can be used without a secondary dressing in difficult-to-dress areas. Left: NPWT (pump); RIght: SertaSil

MPPT - Acting through the microbiome

Body surfaces are in constant contact with the environment and our body has therefore had to develop a defence strategy against dangerous microbes that took this into consideration. The chosen strategy has been to actively host a complex microbiome - i.e. an ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, viruses and mites - that can help the body keep unwanted microbes away, e.g. over 1000 species of bacteria have been identified on the human skin. MPPT helps the immune system to control this microbiome.

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