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Advanced wound care for complicated wounds

Wound healing accelerated by 60%

SertaSil is a new first-in-class product designed to promote the healing of complicated, necrotic and infected wounds and burns. SertaSil supports autolytic debridement of the wound, removes infection, deep tissue tidy-up of the wound region and promotes granulation and epithelialisation - all at the same time.


Mode of action

SertaSil is a white powder that is applied topically to the wound surface, where it will remove wound exudate.

SertaSil is based on the novel micropore particle technology (MPPT). It first removes wound exudate by absorption, then transport it away from the wound surface by capillary action to the surface of the SertaSil layer, where it evaporates due to the highly increased surface area. These effects also disrupts the defence systems of bacteria and fungi and this enables the immune system to assume control of the wound healing process.

SertaSil has assisted the closure of wounds that did not respond to honey as well as systemic and topical antibiotics.

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Use Preventively

SertaSil is not only for highly complicated wounds. It can also be applied to wounds caused by insect bites, scratches etc. to reduce the risk that they develop into something more complicated.

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"I really like SertaSil. It vascularises the wound, it keeps the wound clean and we have not seen any signs of hypergranulation."

Simon Knapp, vet & clinical director

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SertaSil and Acapsil

SertaSil is the veterinary version of the medical device Acapsil. Acapsil is approved in the EU for use in the treatment of wounds in humans and it has consistently been shown to help even very complicated wounds, e.g. chronic pressure ulcers, venous leg ulcers and diabitic foot ulcers as well as non-healing surgical wounds.

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Allows free movement

Unlike most other wound care products, e.g NPWT as shown to the left, SertaSil does not require a huge secondary dressing and will therefore only minimally interfer with freedom of movement as shown to the right. SertaSil can be used without a secondary dressing if needed in difficult-to-dress areas.

MPPT - Acting through the microbiome

SertaSil and Acapsil are based on the micropore particle technology. Their micro-pumping effects disrupt the defence systems of bacteria and fungi and this in turn allows the immune system to regain control of the wound. The only action of SertaSil is therefore to return control of the wound to the immune system, whereby the immune system can remove unwanted micro-organisms and can optimise the wound healing process. This mode-of-action also means that the effects of SertaSil are not affected by antibiotic resistance issues and that SertaSil will not create new resistance.

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